About S.A.M.

About S.A.M.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in various fields, which allows us to cater to our customer’s every need. What started as a small-scale service provider has grown into a global company that can deliver and organize all hoisting related matters on a project basis. In addition to supplying various machines for several projects, we also offer maintenance and repairs of equipment, organize training courses, take care of lifting plans and deploy operators. Safety, continuity and quality are what’s most important here.

We provide extensive technical reports based on thorough inspections and tests before the purchase of different types of machines. Our company also offers an extensive range of good, suitable used machines via our reliable network of rental companies, dealers and brokers.

Quick and professional diagnoses, on-site or online, are a must because of the digital techniques that are used in machines. We aim to repair the machines according to the manufacturer’s instructions using high quality parts, filters and lubricants, so that the repairs won’t lead to new failures, and future problems can be resolved faster and easier. With all the required resources and tools at hand at all times, we are prepared for anything. Thanks to the good relationship with our suppliers and transporters, we can quickly ship parts for most machines worldwide, and provide customs clearance and other necessary documents.

We ensure that our team always stays up-to-date with the latest knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair old and new cranes as well as other machines by regularly taking training courses with the machines’ manufacturers.

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S.A.M. International Crane Advise was founded in 2005, when the owner of an Estonian crane rental company set up a technical service and workshop for his company.

Initially an agreement was made on the basis of advice, but soon S.A.M. was posted there in technical management and service engineering

Before then, the founder worked as an operator and mechanic in mobile cranes and he has done international repairs, and organized and carried out the transport of various machines for a company trading in used cranes.

In Estonia, a system was set up for the workshop and the supply of parts from the manufacturers was streamlined. Operators and mechanics have been trained and within a half year sickness absence and downtime of machines have been reduced to Western European values. Old and misused cranes were refurbished or changed for younger used machines and the crane park was expanded from 30 to 85 cranes with a capacity varying from 25 to 400 tons. Two subsidiaries in Tartu and Parnu were set up with technical support, and a complete workshop was set up in Riga (Latvia). After a year and a half, new cranes, including the Liebherr LTM 11200 1200-tons mobile crane, were purchased, amounting to a total of 104 units. That was when the company started working in tower and crawler cranes as well.

When a crisis started to emerge in April 2008, the decision was made to terminate the work for the Estonian rental company. We’ve acquired a large group of loyal customers since then.

For Heineken Netherlands, we started the search for and purchase of cranes and other machines for African breweries on a project basis. With the by S.A.M. selected and supplied cranes, new fermentation tanks and other process parts are placed at different breweries throughout Central Africa. We were also asked to take care of the training of the local operators, as well as the lifting plans and safety on the various sites. The cranes received maintenance and were repaired between operations. We were able to offer this as a complete package: the customer did not have to worry about a single thing! Since then, we have provided the repairs and spare parts for a wide range of machines and a wide variety of customers worldwide.

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