About S.A.M.

S.A.M. International Crane Advise can source, deliver, repair and service mobile cranes. We also work on and with crawler cranes, earthmoving machines and other diesel-hydraulic machines such as telehandlers, reachstackers, boomlifts and forklifts.

For a fast growing number of customers we repair all kinds of malfunctions or break-down on project base or on long-term contracts. On top of that we do pre-purchase or repair inspections, and transport. As fast internet is developing rapidly, an online diagnose is becoming common.

Diagnoses and repairs

For a correct diagnosis in the event of malfunctions in the complex electric and hydraulic systems of cranes and other machines.

Project-based relief

We regularly contribute to various projects. This usually starts with finding and inspecting the right, suitable machines

Crane assessments

Where project-based cranes are required on a regular basis, but the client does not want to invest in their own crane.

Pre-purchase report

If a customer is looking for a machine or already has one in mind, but does not have the necessary technical expertise to make an estimate of the condition


Make use of diagnosis and recovery

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